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How to earn from facebook videos and make some good Money

How to earn from facebook videos

There are a lot of ways in which you can make money through facebook. You can make a good income from facebook by uploading videos like Youtube. The first and foremost requirement would be to build a community/page. Now you can start posting your videos on the page and share your videos with friends and facebook groups. If you are getting many likes, shares, comments on the videos you can start monetizing them.

Here’s why you should use Facebook video ads

Money making online is probably everyone's dream but how to make it true.
Facebook is world’s most powerful social networking site having billion of users worldwide. Millions of videos and photos are posted worldwide. It's one of the best platform to earn money.
Facebook receives 8 BILLION video views per day. And this is great for businesses because people simply buy more when they watch video.

Why users Watch videos-

Lots of people when they open their Facebook they interested to read new post watch funny videos, tech new recipes, Diy , Craft, home related, innovation, singing , dancing, some News etc. people are actively looking for new things. Keep that in mind, here are a couple of things you can do with your videos.

How to create video ads on Facebook

Creating Facebook video ads is comparatively straightforward. Here’s the step-by-step guide, how to creating Facebook video ads.

Step 1: Log in to your Ads Manager account

You can access your Ads Manager by clicking the top-right corner down arrow and select ‘Create Ads’

Step 2: Choose ‘Video Views’ from the ‘Consideration’ column

And don’t forget to type your campaign name

Video Views
Step 3: Select your target audience

You can target your audience by Demographics and Interests


In Detailed Targeting, selecting Interests to target or you can start typing..

Facebook-Interests to target

or select from the "Browse" options, which has a whole bunch of categories and subcategories.

You can also target Custom Audiences, which we believe is the most powerful targeting option there is. You can upload and/or connect your own data to target on Facebook. For example, you can target your email list, people who have bought your products in the past 30 days, people who visited certain pages, people who abandoned the cart, etc.

Step 4: Choose where you want your ads to show

By default, Facebook will appear on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Audience Network. If you’d like to edit the placements, select the “Edit Placements” option and select the channel you’d like your ad to appear on.


You can even be more specific with the devices and operating systems

Step 5: Set up your budget and ad scheduling

Set your daily or maximum lifetime budget, start and end-date, etc.

Step 6: Create a new video ad or use existing post


You can also select if you wanted to have your video to appear as part of a carousel, slideshow, single video.


Make sure you follow the recommended specification; especially the format, file size, and resolution when uploading the video.

Step 7: Add text, headline (optional), description (optional), and CTA button (also optional)

Step 8: Place order!

Hit that big green button


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