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Degree courses after 12th - science

Degree Courses after 12th - Science

Most students think that what should we do after 12th? It’s a common thought because 12th is the life turning step.
After 12th examination, many thoughts will walking in your mind continuously that, “what career is right for me ?” “Which course I have to do?” “ What should I do for take up the right career?”

With this confused state of mind, ask yourself some basic questions like-
1- What do you like to do?
2- What are you good at?
3- What type of field you want to work?
4- Does your preferable career suit your personality?

When you asked such type of questions to yourself, it will help you to find out a good career option. You may wander some places to gather information, to make a bright career ahead.

There are different types of courses available according to your choices and background in Science. We show you various degree courses offered after 12th that help you to select your right career.

Here’s we are going define three categories

1- Science

• After Class 12th Science (PCB)

1- M.B.B.S - Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

MBBS is a 5-and-a-half-year degree course which includes one year of mandatory internship in a hospital attached or approved by the concerned medical college. After completing of the course, students can practice Medicine & Surgery.

Job Scope: Doctor, General Clinical Practice, Research or could do post-graduation, hospital management, foreign studies.
Specializations: general medicine, general surgery, paediatrics etc.

2-B.H.M.S - Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surger

BHMS is a 5-and-a-half-year duration degree course(including one year compulsory internship). After successfully completing of the course, students are start working as Homeopathic doctor.

Job Scope: Homeopathy Consultation, General Practice, Clinical Research, medical services of army/navy/air force, in charitable institutions, life sciences industry and pharma industry.

specializations: gynaecology, paediatrics, materia, organo, skin, and infertility & sex

3- B.D.S - Bachelor of Dental Surgery

BDS is a 5-year degree course, which includes 4 years of study and one year of internship. After successfully completing of BDS degree, Students is designated as Dentist.

Job Scope: Lecturer, General Practice, nursing homes, government and private hospitals, or open up your own clinic and research & advisory departments of pharmaceuticals and companies manufacturing oral care products

specializations: orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, etc.

5- Bachelor of Science Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year programme which involves classroom lessons, In internship is a practical sessions like clinical work.

Job Scope: Employment in Hospitals & Clinics, Training institutes, etc

4- Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science is three-year degree course, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is offered across arrange of subjects under the pure sciences domain such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology etc.

Job Scope: Teacher, BPO, SSC Exams, Graduate level exams, private and government sector

Note: PCB + PCM both students can do Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree course.

• After class 12th Science (PCM)

1- Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a graduate degree course of three years, in which equips student have skills to analyze & synthesize computer systems, applications & information systems.

Job Scope: Programmer, Networking Professional, Analyst, developer, etc

2- Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.)

The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), is 5-year degree programme course including a period of practical training prior to professional examination and registration. B.Arch is recognized by Council of Architecture (COA).

Job Scope: Project Architect, Interior Architect,Design Architect,etc

3- Bachelor of Engineering (BE/B Tech)

B. Tech is a four-year engineering degree course approved by AICTE in specific branchs such as-

* Civil Engineering

As a civil engineer, you could be part of any of the following teams.
• Design
• Development
• Testing and supervision
• Maintenance
You could be involved in designing, building or repairing structures, such as canals, dams, commercial properties, etc. You could be employed in private firms, consulting companies and government organizations. Usually, work takes place at construction sites and manufacturing plants.

* Mechanical Engineering

You will design and build manufacturing units, simple and complex machinery. Mechanical engineers are proficient in multiple fields. Jobs are available in government, public or private sectors. Industries employing mechanical engineers are power, oil and petrochemicals, agriculture, education, steel, aerospace and automobile, etc

* Electrical Engineering

You could be employed in power plants, railways, aviation and electricity board. Consultancy-jobs are considered hot property jobs. Your job would be related to designing, developing, testing, supervising and maintaining electrical machinery.

* Information Technology

You Job would be related to software designing & development, programming, web designing & development, DBMS administrator, tester, security etc.

4- Bachelor of Planning

Bachelor of planning is a professional four-year technical degree course which prepares students and developed the skills for infrastructure planning in different capacities.

Job Scope: Professional Planner, Architectural Firms

5- Degree in Veterinary Science:

Veterinary Science is a 5 year duration course for those who love Animals, After completing this course, you will be able to diagnose, treat and cure ailments and diseases in birds and animals.

Job Scope: As a veterinarian (vet, for short), you can work in veterinary hospitals & clinics, animal husbandry & animal breeding departments within the government sector, animal welfare centres, wildlife conservation departments or organisations, zoos, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, dairy farms, poultry farms, stud farms and defense services. Alternatively, you may choose to work as faculty in training institutes or colleges. If you are inclined toward research then you need to pursue higher studies.

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