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Best Online Part time Jobs for college Students

Best Online Part time Jobs for college Students

Lots of people think that they can make some extra money by doing online jobs specially college students, but they don’t know how? College students can make extra money along with their daily educational and studying activities by performing part time jobs on internet and Earn up to Rs. 30000 plus every month by starting any one of these jobs which i described below.

Well, if you have got extra time in your timetable for online part time jobs along with your studying and are you looking for online part-time jobs then I extremely appreciate your interest for making some extra money, According to get your passion here is the right place and let you get jobs that you can perform easily without affecting your Study and you get paid the maximum as you deserve, here we will teach you how to make good income by online jobs.

Best online jobs for college students.

1.) Freelance Jobs
2.) Blogging
3.) Youtube
4.) Stock Photography
5.) Affiliate Marketing
6.) Sell Crafts Online
7.) Earn money from Traffic exchange
8.) Designing T-Shirts
9.) Online Survey jobs
10.) Online Tutoring Jobs
11.) Captcha solving jobs online
12.) Data Entry Jobs

you can find the lots of sites in Google when you search 'online jobs' that offer data entry work, part-time work, form filling work etc.
But How can you sure that all the sites will give you genuine online work.
Read this article to find the good site and good job online to make good money

1.) Freelance Jobs Online-

Freelance Jobs Online

1. Article Writing (blog posts, product reviews etc)

If you have a skill in writing articles about any specific topic, then you can get hired as an article writer by desired people as there are lots of companies & online business owners looking for employers of such characteristics.

I would suggest you to creating accounts on some Freelancing sites. where you can create a gig (description) so interested people will get in touch with you to get your services.

2. Photo & Logo Designing

If you have passion & good enough in either designing logos or photo designing, you can make good money from designing create a gig at the freelancing sites so that people can buy that gig from you.

If you passionate and expert in designing then you can get huge number of jobs on daily basis as the scope of designing is so wide, you may know lots of websites, companies, institutes builds regularly throughout the whole world, and they are looking for a designer to design a unique logo for them or design & edit their photos

3. Other Freelance Jobs

There are many more part-time opportunities for graduates and under-graduates to make extra cash in their free time. Few of them are such as voice narration, photo editing, video editing, website designing etc.

2.) Blogging-


If you are a college student and looking for part-time but freedom of time to work, then blogging is highly suggested because this is all about to make your own blog and cover the topics in which you are interested and are expert. Having a blog, you will have your own business which means NO ONE can force you about anything such as topic etc.

If you really make money then put a little effort, your blog or website will surely earn you real money when your content is valued by the people.

There are some ways to earn money online from your blog

Contextual Display Advertisements
Display Banner / Text ad Advertisements
Affiliate Marketing
Selling your own products
Selling ad spaces on your blog

Steps How to make a blog-

1: You should register a domain name based on your passion and site.
2: Choose a reliable hosting environment or purchase a premium WordPress Theme.
3: Hire a designer to design your blog or if you know then you can also design and start writing valuable contents to your target audience.
4: Drive traffic and install monetization techniques to earn money.

3.) Youtube


Youtube is a great and simplest way to make a lot of money. With your own youtube channel, you can also make decent amount of money by uploading videos on youtube. if you are skilled in something whether it is computer related or other electronic things, designing, cooking, teaching, stitching etc.
You can create videos of teaching, new recipes and problem solving etc. if you are getting enough views to that video, you can then ask for partnership to incorporate ads on your videos, through those ads you will get money in reward of every click that a user clicks on an ad appears on your videos.
You have to wait for views on your videos, after getting views you paid decent amount by advertiser according to your views. Many students in my friends list who makes videos for youtube in their spare time and earns money through it.

Steps How to make Youtube Account-

1- Go to youtube site.
2- Create your account.
3- Upload your Video.
4- Put your video in youtube Monetization.

4.)Sell Stock Photography

Sell Stock Photography

Another best way of making hefty amount of money being a college student is selling your photography. If you are a good in photographic and passionate about it. you can capture own photos or randomly click photos then there are lots of advertisers and article writers looking for photos.
If your photos accomplishes their needs, they will download and use it either in ad banner or elsewhere and you get the money in reward of every photo downloaded. For this you can upload your photos at photography marketplace such as istockphoto,Shutterstock and Fotolia for selling.

5.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a program which was designed to reward affiliates (WE) in terms of performance-based marketing for each and every customer that brought to business services through their own marketing effort.
This is simply to sell other people’s products on internet and get pre-decided commissions on every sale you made. This looks very simple but need hard work. The work is that you must have people of same interest as the product is all about and they needed it. As well as they have trust on you.
Becoming an affiliate is absolutely free in most of the websites such as Commission Junction, Amazon products, Flipkart, Snapdeal. For every sale through your affiliate link, you will earn from 5% to 20% of the sale value of the products. All you need is to have your own blog or website to promote their product affiliate links. Join with our network and use our affiliate support team to clarify all your queries.

6.) Selling Crafts

Selling Crafts

Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell your handicraft. Etsy is a place of individual sellers and buyers to deal on their handmade things.
If you are interested in making handmade craft and want to sold out then etsy is a good place. This shows that people can get their things sold at a profitable price.
So If you are good in such a job then come on this marketplace and bring things you can provide because lots of interested peoples are waiting for you.

7.) Earn money from Traffic exchange

Earn money from Traffic exchange

A traffic exchange is a website which provides services to send traffic to webmaster’s website in exchange for the same.
In simple way, if you view 100 websites today your website or blog will be shown to 100 people.
You can get around 1000 unique visits daily. Get started for free with easythis4u and get the following features:
* $0.30 for 1000 pages viewed
* $0.10 for refer to very person
* 40% from purchases made by your first level referrals.

8.) Designing T-Shirts

Designing T-Shirts

Are you a student having ability of graphic designing with having passion or someone around? If yes then you can make extra money being a college student just by making your unique designs to be branded on T-shirts.
Websites like Teespring and zazzle are the places for you to go and bring your personalized arts to make money by selling it.

9.) Earn from survey jobs

Earn from survey jobs

You can earn money online for giving your opinions. Many companies around the world are looking for people's suggestion to improve their products or services and in turn, they are ready to pay millions of dollars for this research work.

Paid online surveys is the best option for the people who are looking to earn some extra money online just by working on 1 – 2 hrs daily.

There are many websites who pays you $5 to $50 for online surveys. Register an account » Login » complete your profiles and you will be invited by email to attend the survey if you are eligible.

There are many companies and websites enables you take surveys to get paid, note that many of them might be scam, so be careful of it! Ask your friends here and there and get started with one that more suggests to you.

I am not 100% sure which website is best and not scam but from my short research, i found SWAGBUCKs and Clixsense more times suggested.

10.) Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

So for those students who are passionate in teaching others through internet and to make extra cash through teaching, having teaching experience in the corresponding subjects, online tutoring is a good choice for them. There are lots of places on internet where interested students can apply to teach subjects of their own choice as well as to decide the charges their own. After clearing all of the basic essentials, requirements and qualifications online tutoring companies will hire students to provide classes on internet at a specific time.

For such types of online job, you can get into any of the below site and can watch the scenario by yourself. TutorVista, Happy Tutors,

11.) Captcha solving jobs online

Captcha solving jobs online

There are many CAPTCHA solving jobs. Captcha may not be automatically recognized by the web software, and hence people are required to solve those captchas online. You can earn from $1 – $2 for every 1000 Captcha solved.

It is free to join, lifetime income, no restriction to work, you can work at any time are the reasons behind successful captcha online jobs over the internet.
Anyone with good typing speed can earn Rs.10000/- to Rs.20000/- per month by working with 2 – 3 sites.

2Captcha, The rate per captcha solve will rise up to $0.0012 per captcha solve.

12.) Data Entry Online Jobs

Data Entry Online Jobs

i would suggest this one as data entry jobs don’t requires any qualifications or skills. everyone with having basic knowledge about using computer and internet can perform this job easily.

Data entry free online jobs are also among one of the best online jobs where you will be paid for completing some lengthy tasks such as form filling, finding information on the given topic, etc.

There are many companies over the internet where you can get different kinds of data entry jobs.
Beware of scams, yes many companies cheat people for joining data entry jobs by asking them to pay the registration fee.
choosing right data entry jobs, Never pay a fee for joining data entry jobs, Research member testimonials before joining them.
please look at the below sites, you might find these useful.
• Capital typing
• HEA-Employment
• Virtual Bee

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